Chris Kelley, Vice President Sales North America, UpToDate a Wolters Kluwer company

We engaged Mike for our annual sales kick-off meeting in January, 2013 to lead a workshop focused on the “Psychology of Performance.” Mike invested the time in advance of our session to ensure that he fully understood our goals for the workshop and he far exceeded our expectations.

The workshop included sales teams across different divisions of our business that have to work together on a regular basis and have aggressive sales goals. We were looking to improve our levels of collaboration amongst the teams and also increase the level of confidence and belief across the entire team.

Mike gave our 200+ workshop attendees some great background on the science and studies supporting the psychology of performance. More importantly, he walked our team through some very practical exercises to help them recognize their personal strengths, improve their understanding of what it means to work as part of a high performing team and lastly, how to build up their personal levels of optimism and resilience.

Mike has a unique ability to be able to combine:

  • his extensive years of operational experience as a front-line salesperson, sales leader and executive team member
  • his first hand experience as a competitive athlete and coach
  • his education and in-depth knowledge the scientific research on performance
  • his passion for coaching others to develop the habits and rituals that lead to lasting success
  • his enthusiasm, persuasiveness and ability to engage a very large audience

Mike is top-notch. I highly recommend Mike to anyone looking to raise the level of performance of their team, organization or themselves.