Dave Fitzgerald, Executive Vice President, Brainshark

Wanted to thank you for your presentation at our sales conference. After 25+ years in the business, your’s was one of the best “value-add” sales classes I’ve experienced…and that’s based not just on my experience, but the feedback I’ve received from the team.

The positive change in attitude is remarkable…getting the salespeople to understand how their attitudes correlate to their performance was very well done in your presentation. We’ve seen many positive changes, just in the past week, where salespeople are presenting themselves much more positively, both in their internal, as well as, their external communications. The Sales Mangers believe the class has “turned around” several salespeople that were letting themselves get consumed by all the reasons why things won’t happen…and now, with a positive attitudinal adjustment….are back on track making things happen!

Let’s discuss how to schedule ongoing sessions with “the doctor” to keep the momentum going.

Again, thanks for an excellent session. Dave