Speeches and Workshops

Mike has spoken on a wide range of topics to hundreds of audiences.  He will work with you and your team to ensure his unique keynote and workshop align with your goals. Some of his keynote subjects:

Becoming Unstoppable: Make Attitude Your Competitive Edge

  • Offense or defense? Your choice.
  • Choose to embrace change or be left behind.
  • Leverage short bursts of positivity to get in motion.

Optimism versus Pessimism: Pushing Past Seeing the Glass Half Full

  • Define optimism and why/how it matters to your business
  • Identify endless patterns of defeat, as well as patterns of possibility
  • Begin the process of becoming an active optimist

Thriving with Pressure: What Elite Athletes Know that You Need to Know Now

  • Learn why your mind controls how your body reacts under pressure
  • Ease your nerves through knowledge and repetition
  • Shape your mind’s eye to perform when it counts the most

Sales Confidence: Finding and Leveraging Your Psychological Capital

  • Understand why confidence is not a constant state of mind
  • Recognize the successes that contribute to your “bank” of confidence and psychological capital
  • Implement 4 strategies to get you back on track

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