Adriana S. Robinson, Vice President of World Wide Solution Sales leader for Watson Onmi – Channel Commerce

From the very beginning of his presentation, Mike captivated the audience and had my team of 230 people intrigued and engaged, wanting to learn about the relationship between performance and their attitude. He has an easy going style where he infuses humor with theory and provides practical applications that resonated with the audience. He was able to offer real life situations and strategies to overcome obstacles and he was received as highly credible since he has led multiple sales teams in very competitive markets. Mike was masterful at reading the audience quickly and assessing where their needs were and how to address them.

My team left with practical strategies to help them recognize how their interpretation of situations can affect their ability to perform well and how to deal with setbacks when they arise, which are inevitable.

The time we spent with Mike was so worthwhile and productive that we hope to schedule a follow up session. I would highly recommend Mike without hesitation for any organization looking to improve their team’s overall performance as well as their individual performance.

Adriana S. Robinson,
Vice President of World Wide Solution Sales leader for Watson Onmi – Channel Commerce

Dave McLaughlin, General Manager WeWork

Mike is one of the most thoughtful and intelligent people I’ve met, and he has incredible insight into how unlocking the potential of an individual contributor or leader creates multiples in terms of impact to the business. Mike has a special gift for understanding the complexity of organizations and at the same time finding ways to simplify the field of choices so that teams can improve focus and drive the mission and the business forward in ways that are good for everyone involved. It’s a great pleasure to recommend Mike.

~ Dave McLaughlin, General Manager WeWork

Brad Layzell, CEO and founder PX3 Sports Science

Over my career, I’ve had the honor and pleasure to work with some of the world’s the best coaches, trainers and sports psychologists as a professional and olympic athlete – Mike helped me more than any of them. Working with him was absolutely pivotal for me and I could never thank him enough. His ability to understand people, motivate people and not only instil but inspire success is incredible. Mike prepares you for success in every arena, not just athletics, not just business, but in every aspect of your life. There are very few people in the world that dedicate their lives to making other peoples lives better, Mike is one of those very special few and I hope to be just like him when I get older…

~ Brad Layzell, CEO and founder PX3 Sports Science

Neil Little, Scout and coach, Philadelphia Flyers. College All American winner

First and foremost, Mike was one of the main reasons for my decision to attend Rennselaer from 1990-1994. His character, interspersed with his genuine concern for my future during my recruitment made my decision easy over several other scholarship offers I had received. I attribute many of my collegiate highlights, as well as my success as a professional hockey player for over 12 years directly to his support, guidance, and friendship he has continuously displayed.

I am now a scout, and coach, for the Philadelphia Flyers. I do my best to integrate Mike’s teachings, attitude, and work ethic into my daily workload, especially when recruiting and mentoring our young prospects. His influence has positively impacted not only my work life, but how I carry myself in my daily life.

~ Neil Little, Scout and coach, Philadelphia Flyers. College All American winner

Xavier Majic, Hedge fund analyst Lonestar Capital, San Francisco California

Mike was my hockey coach and mentor at Rensselaer. His way of communicating to different people, therefore motivating them, is second to none. He has had a drastic impact on how I look at life and how I compete in the business world and I am fortunate that we remain in touch after all these years. Letting him into your life will change it in a positive way.

~ Xavier Majic, Hedge fund analyst Lonestar Capital, San Francisco California, former professional hockey player, member of Canadian Men’s National team and graduate of Rensselaer and Harvard Business School.

Frank Brilliant, Vice President Global Sales, UpToDate a Wolters Kluwer company

We brought Mike in to kick off our National Sales meeting and fire up the organization to get them ready for a week of planning and training. Not only did we get that, but the team was left inspired by an interactive and collaborative discussion about how to change your thinking patterns, insightful and engaging dialog about actionable approaches to improve all aspects of your life, and guidelines we could take to the field and start implementing immediately.

Mike’s ability to quickly engage the crowd was amazing.

Dave Fitzgerald, Executive Vice President, Brainshark

Wanted to thank you for your presentation at our sales conference. After 25+ years in the business, your’s was one of the best “value-add” sales classes I’ve experienced…and that’s based not just on my experience, but the feedback I’ve received from the team.

The positive change in attitude is remarkable…getting the salespeople to understand how their attitudes correlate to their performance was very well done in your presentation. We’ve seen many positive changes, just in the past week, where salespeople are presenting themselves much more positively, both in their internal, as well as, their external communications. The Sales Mangers believe the class has “turned around” several salespeople that were letting themselves get consumed by all the reasons why things won’t happen…and now, with a positive attitudinal adjustment….are back on track making things happen!

Let’s discuss how to schedule ongoing sessions with “the doctor” to keep the momentum going.

Again, thanks for an excellent session. Dave

Deborah Dean, Vice President Dessault Syste’mes Americas General Counsel

Mike came to speak to the Dassault Systemes North American Women’s Initiative on the topic of “The Power of Positive Thinking” in January 2013. His presentation was very interesting and generated great interactive discussions among the group. The audience came away energized and inspired to start 2013 in a positive manner.

Ramsey E. Hashem, Vice President Global Sales, Provation Medical a Wolters Kluwer company

Mike’s presentation was uplifting and enlightening. Mike presented in a manner that was thoughtful and very effective with a unique ability to touch the entire audience. That’s a hard combination to achieve, but he does it with much credibility.He connected the importance of attitude with sales performance. Our people walked away understanding that attitude is the accelerator to taking action which is critical to sales success.

Mike would be a huge asset to any group who is looking for an inspiring, engaging and down-to-earth speaker that will connect with a variety of personalities from accomplished managers to aspiring talent. Highly recommended.

Chris Kelley, Vice President Sales North America, UpToDate a Wolters Kluwer company

We engaged Mike for our annual sales kick-off meeting in January, 2013 to lead a workshop focused on the “Psychology of Performance.” Mike invested the time in advance of our session to ensure that he fully understood our goals for the workshop and he far exceeded our expectations.

The workshop included sales teams across different divisions of our business that have to work together on a regular basis and have aggressive sales goals. We were looking to improve our levels of collaboration amongst the teams and also increase the level of confidence and belief across the entire team.

Mike gave our 200+ workshop attendees some great background on the science and studies supporting the psychology of performance. More importantly, he walked our team through some very practical exercises to help them recognize their personal strengths, improve their understanding of what it means to work as part of a high performing team and lastly, how to build up their personal levels of optimism and resilience.

Mike has a unique ability to be able to combine:

  • his extensive years of operational experience as a front-line salesperson, sales leader and executive team member
  • his first hand experience as a competitive athlete and coach
  • his education and in-depth knowledge the scientific research on performance
  • his passion for coaching others to develop the habits and rituals that lead to lasting success
  • his enthusiasm, persuasiveness and ability to engage a very large audience

Mike is top-notch. I highly recommend Mike to anyone looking to raise the level of performance of their team, organization or themselves.