Why edgeThink?

Sales training is not enough. A sales professional can have all the right tools and still fail to perform if they lack the belief, behavior, focus and energy required to achieve their sales goals.

Sales professionals are like athletes: their performance is measured in terms of wins and losses by week, month, quarter, and year. Unlike athletes, however, sales professionals often fail to adequately recognize the importance of attitude and confidence as critical areas of training.

  • Overcome wasted energy on what can’t be controlled
  • Stop negative emotions from dictating behavior
  • Adapt to change
  • Strengthen concentration and focus
  • Manage setbacks
  • Thrive under pressure
  • Develop a “specific” confidence

Don’t let your investment in great people and tools go to waste. Don’t overlook the mental side of performance. edgeThink clients have an advantage over their competitors because they understand how to navigate the emotional ups and downs of being a professional salesperson.

How do we do this? We combine the principles of sport psychology, Positive Psychology and 25 years of successful sales and sales leadership to enable a winning mindset.

Take the edgeThink Challenge. Measure your sales attitude. Are you satisfied? If not, contact us today.