Winning Mentality Workshop

Your sports team needs the competitive advantage of a Winning Mentality. Here’s why:

Problem statement: Most athletes spend less than 10% of their time and energy on the relationship between attitude and performance. Coaches and players agree the right attitude is essential to performing at one’s best, but do not take time to teach proven techniques for creating and maintaining a positive mindset. Just like with specific skill development, you must strategically integrate your players’ connection with positive thinking into your training regimen.

Overview: A winning mentality is about setting a tone every day toward your stated goals. Even legendary locker room mottos like, “Play like a Champion Today” or “TEAM, TEAM, TEAM” would be just words on a wall or empty catch phrases without the three key components to a winning mentality:

  1. Attitude: This is the fuel that drives motivation. Attitude forms emotions and emotions direct behavior. Individual attitudes—positive or negative—can affect team performance and morale.
  2. Effort: Just enough is not enough. Are your athletes prepared to give the game everything they have physically and emotionally?
  3. Ownership: Players must take responsibility for the way they train, prepare everyday, and most importantly, perform as individuals and as a team. What will be your legacy?

edgeThink’s Winning Mentality Workshop gives you the tools to take your team beyond just practicing when scheduled and lifting weights on demand. In one session, we’ll help you and your players learn how to increase resilience, perseverance and inner strength.

How we do it: In your interactive workshop we explain how and why a positive attitude is effective. Attendees and coaches engage in established and customized exercises to reinforce necessary performance strategies. Additionally, workshop materials and our guided Q&A session help you identify specific take-aways and set related goals for your program.

Follow up: After the workshop, we give all participants continued access to the edgeThink Performance Portal—designed to reinforce the principles, techniques, and content gathered from your session.

Why invest in the workshop: Winning Mentality helps your players understand how to manage failure, thrive under pressure, and build confidence. When they grasp the mental side of performance, your coaching efforts will multiply.

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